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Meet Lalaine Amen…..

Role at Jimbelunga Nursing Centre?
I’m a Registered Nurse at Jimbelunga Nursing Centre.

Career Background?
I graduated with my nursing degree in 2016 and started my career working in aged care facilities.

What prompted you to get into this field of work?
I was an accountancy student previously and my parents noted I didn’t seem to enjoy it. My parents then introduced me to nursing and it really changed my perspective about careers.

What I like about my job?
I can help and be a part of our residents lives which I find to be very personal and a rewarding job. This role gives me a sense of achievement and life satisfaction. I recently attended my first NAIDOC day and it was great to have the opportunity to witness and celebrate history and culture.

Typical day?
It depends on the schedule and it can get busy at times. As a clinical nurse we have to attend to our daily schedule which includes observations and caring for our residents as well as following up on tasks for the day.

Hobbies outside of work?
Knitting and baking.